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European News:

The Luxembourgian satellite provider SES provides critical infrastructure for the US’s operation of Reapers.

Belgium has officially given the go-ahead for negotiations with the US regarding the purchase of two MQ-9B “SkyGuardian” drones. The country remains committed to the development of a drone with European partner countries.

The new list of PESCO projects has been released. More EU member states are now engaging in legally binding commitments to develop unmanned technology:
The Czech Republic has joined the European MALE project, and several EU states are further developing an armed unmanned ground vehicle. Also on the list are unmanned underwater vehicles and drones used to detect CBRN signals.

A French drone crashed in Niger, the first French MQ-9 Reaper to do so.

The UK is funding research into drones that decide who they kill.

Spain recently announced it would acquire 15 of the Eurodrone still under development. Spain will also receive 4 MQ-9 Reapers in 2019.

Since it closed the deal in July to buy Reapers, the Netherlands is now seeking to cooperate with Italy to train pilots.

French Reapers flying in Niger will be armed in 2019. They have also played a role in facilitating air strikes in Burkina Faso.

Ukraine is buying the Bayraktar TB2 from Turkey.

The US, which based Reapers in Poland this year, has flown them in Ukrainian airspace during a military exercise.

Serbia is buying armed drones from China.


We at EFAD recently published interviews with CILD, Article 36, and ECCHR, about their work on drones. If you want too want to use the opportunity to highlight your work to a broader audience, please email us at info (at) efadrones.org.

Our latest country profile, Austria, has been published, and Austrian drone producer Schiebel took notice.

The European Press Review of last month can be found on our website too.

To facilitate the exchange of information we also continue to add publications to our Resources page.
Here is an overview of what we have added in the last month or so:

Article 36:
Drones in the use of force
– On international processes states can undertake to limit the risk of, and harm caused by, drone strikes.
Approaches to Technology and Policy – Lessons and examples for an effective international process to the issues raised by use of drones.

Drone Wars UK:
Off The Leash: On the UK’s MoD research into autonomous military technology & drones.
Four years of UK drone strike data: Since 2014 in Iraq & Syria
Why we work on armed drones.
Book review of Death Machines, & interview with author of Reaper Force.

Human Rights & Human Realities: -With real-life cases of drone strikes causing human rights violations.
Unmanned Ambitions: On the security implications of the growing proliferation of  upcoming drone producers.
Debating Armed Drones: Briefing paper on the issues of the use of armed drones.

Stimson Center:
The Arms Trade Treaty and Drones: – With recommendations for improving export-control regimes.

Weapons of Choice? On the expanding development, transfer, and use of armed drones.
Change in the Air: On the threats stemming from the development of smaller (swarm) UAVs.

Remote Warfare Programme:
Report on Intelligence sharing since 9/11 (and potential complicity by countries in drone strikes), as well as an interview with the author.
A call for papers on conceptualizing the past, present and future of remote warfare (Deadline: 15 december)


If you too have events, publications, or updates to share, you may forward them to info {at} efadrones.org.


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