Week in Review
Week in Review
Below is a short overview of the news this week. If you have events or updates to share with our network, you may forward them to info {at} efadrones.org.

Two new reports touching upon drones came out and have been added to our repository:

The New Arab has an article out on the use and proliferation of drones in the Middle East, featuering Drone Wars UK and APPG Drones.

The Stimson Centre‘s Rachel Stohl argued why America must update it’s drone policy in The National Interest, in light of its Action Plan on US Drone Policy.

The European Research Council is sponsoring a research-project on drones and ethics as part of the Horizon 2020 programme. The project, dubbed DRONETHICS, will see professor Christian Enemark  and his colleagues “develop an integrated framework to provide a new normative vision of drone violence. This would be the first analytical tool for comprehensively assessing ethical concerns related to drone violence and providing recommendations for policy makers.”


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