Week in Review
Week in Review
Below is a short overview of the news this week. If you have events or updates to share with our network, you may forward them to info {at} efadrones.org.


The Netherlands signed a letter of acceptance, closing the deal for four unarmed Reapers to be delivered by the US by 2020. The Netherlands Royal Air Force wants to have them armed, but political debate will have to take place first. 

After a two-year long inquiry, the APPG on Drones published its report on the risks created by the UK’s drone programme.

We have brought out our monthly press review, with stories on drones from across Europe, translated and summarized.

The United Kingdom‘s new Reaper drones, dubbed ‘Protector’ will be stationed at Waddington, DroneWars UK reported.

DroneWars UK has also weighed in on moves the UK is making towards the Sahel, and whether drones might be send there.

Formed director of Reprieve Cori Crider explained in a video how algorithms are used for drone strikes, and why this is problematic.

Reprieve was also present during Trump’s visit to London, marching against inter alia the drone programme.


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