Week in Review
Week in Review
Below is a short overview of the news last week. If you have events or updates to share with our network, you may forward them to info {at} efadrones.org.


The European Parliament made recommendations to the European Council to adress legal problems of armed drone usage during the UN General Assembly.

The European Parliament also adopted the European Defence Industrial Development Programme, the precursor to the European Defence Fund, which allows for  ‘the militarization and the development of controversial weapons’ including drones, according to ENAAT.

The Belgian Parliament has proposed to “forbid the deployment of “killer robots” and armed drones“, though the exact interpretation of the language is not entirely clear.

The Netherlands and the US signed a defence agreement to exchange info, pilots, and technicians related to newly acquired systems such as the MQ-9 Reaper.

The UK MoD responded to an FOI request put in by Drone Wars UK, in which they apologized for their failure to explain the difference between the number of strikes they have released in separate statements.



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