Unmanned & Uncontrolled – Proliferation of Unmanned Systems and the Need for Improved Arms Export Controls

This report, published by PAX, focuses on the implications of the proliferation of unmanned systems (UMS), the application of existing (arms) export control mechanisms and the resulting expanding military application of these systems within and outside of contexts of armed conflict.

With new technological possibilities at the disposal of militaries, and potentially other armed groups, urgent questions arise: Are existing arms and export control mechanisms sufficient to prevent UMS from ending up in the hands of human rights abusers or terror groups? There is a growing trend to apply unmanned systems for a range of both military and civilian applications, and gaining access to this technology is likely to become less difficult, making it more tempting for both State and non-State actors to utilize these tools. And, if that is the case, will existing rules and regulations be adequate to address the core of one the most challenging military developments of the 21st Century?


Date: 08/Jan/2015
Author: PAX

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