Article36 publishes two new policy papers on drones in the use of force

Last Monday, EFAD member Article36 released two new policy papers addressing the harm arising from the use of force through drones. As an increasing number of states are seeking to acquire armed drone capabilities, international norms on what constitutes an acceptable role for drones in the use of force need to be developed. During this year’s First Committee at the UN General Assembly, states have the opportunity to develop clear and effective international standards for the use of armed drones.

The first paper, ‘Drones in the use of force: a way forward´, provides an overview of the issues associated with armed drones, as well as of the problems related to the current international policy responses to this issue. International policy responses should go beyond calls for transparency and accountability on the use of armed drones and instead, focus on human rights violations and the current harm done to communities.

The second paper `Approaches to technology and policy: International standards and addressing drones in the use of force’ examines the value of weapon-focused approaches to humanitarian and security problems and considers lessons from previous multilateral arms control and disarmament instruments. It stresses the importance of `inclusiveness` in international processes and agreements on the use of armed drones.

Both briefing papers can be found at the website of Article36 and by clicking the buttons to the right.


Date: 15/Oct/2018
Author: Article36

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