‘Precise’ strikes: Fractured Bodies, Fractured Lives

‘Precise Strikes: Fractured Bodies, Fractured Lives’  is an update of Drone Wars UK’s 2014 report on Israel’s drone wars. The report ‘looks beyond the veil of secrecy that surrounds Israel’s development and deployment of armed drones to explore their use and impact, particularly in Gaza’ since 2014.

Israel has relied extensively on armed drones to carry out targeted killings in Palestine as well other neighboring countries. On the one hand, Israel is praising the perceived precision of drone strikes as ‘humanitarian’, yet on the other hand, they rare disclose information on the use of armed drones. This report shows that not only have Israel’s drone strikes cause large-scale humanitarian harm, but they have also been used to promote the export of armed drones to other countries.

Date: 12 November 2019
Author: Drone Wars UK


Date: 12-Nov-2019
Author: DroneWarsUK

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