MALE-Drone Proliferation in Europe:
Assessing the Status Quo Regarding Acquisition, Research and Development, and Employment

An increasing number of European countries is acquiring Medium Altitude, Long Endurance type drones. These drones can be armed, and are acquired both from producers outside Europe, such as Israel and the United States as well as through a series of EU initiatives. The growing use of drones by EU countries raises several questions. As this report neatly summarizes:

” Europe is facing a crossroad in drone affairs. It must decide if it will “slide” into the American approach to drone strike policy or create a European arms control regime, including employment standards. Right now, there is a momentum for intensifying EUdefense cooperation, presenting a window of opportunity for taking respective action and establishing an arms control regime for armed MALE-drones. ”


Date: November, 2018
Author: IFSH/IFAR, Johanne Polle


Date: November, 2018

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