Hidden Security: EU Public Research Funds and the Development of European Drones

In recent years, dozens of drone development projects have attracted hundreds of millions of euros from EU public research funds with little accountability and scarce political oversight. This article relates the ongoing exponential growth of the drone industry in Europe with the vast amounts of EU public research funding channeled to drone research. These projects typically configure partnerships that are neither strictly public, nor strictly private, and it is precisely a combination of their hybrid nature with the centrality of technological expertise that makes them less visible. This partial invisibility is particularly relevant in the context of a dual-use technology that enables new forms of surveillance, poses societal challenges, and can be used as a lethal weapon.

This article, written by Bruno Oliveira Martins, from Malmö University an Peace Research Institute Oslo, and Christian Küster, from Aarhus University, was originally published in the Journal of Common Market Studies, and can be found at PRIO‘s website or by clicking the button to the right.


Date: August 31, 2018

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