Jet Groenendijk and Isa Zoetbrood, two students from the University of Utrecht, have made a podcast in which they talk about remote warfare. In the first episode, Groenendijk and Zoetbrood discuss the Dutch MQ-9 Reapers that the Netherlands will receive in the summer of 2020.

Two experts, Wim Zwijnenburg, Programme Leader Humanitarian Disarmament at PAX, and Lauren Gould, assistent professor at the Center for Conflict Studies at the University of Utrecht, are interviewed in the podcast. In the first episode, Zwijnenburg explains why the statement of the Dutch govenment that there are no plans to arm the Dutch drones, is “nonsense”, while Gould elaborates on how the use of drones is connected to remote warfare. Both experts are interviewed in other episodes as well.

The podcast is mostly in dutch, but the interviews with Zwijnenburg and Gould are in English. You can listen to the podcast here.

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