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An important ruling against complicity in US illegal drone strikes has been made by a German court in the case of Faisal bin Ali Jaber and others v. the Federal Republic of Germany. ECCHR and Reprieve are assisting the claimants in this case.

The sale of MQ-9B Skyguardians to Belgium was approved by the US. They will be unarmed, the Belgian Ministry of Defence has already anticipated arming them.

The US drone squad based in Poland has now reached full operational capability.

Will the UK continue to launch strikes against ISIS? asks Drone Wars UK.

Drone Wars UK has also published data on UK drone strikes in Syria and Iraq.

Delina Goxho has written a summary of an event held with Airwars and ECCHR in commemoration of the Al-Badhiya air strike, which killed over 150 civilians.

Amnesty has published a report on the hidden US war in Somalia, and the innocent lives lost. Artist Mike Daws has created a graphic accompanying this research.

The Stimson Center held an event on transparency and accountability in US counter-terror strikes, and the recorded live stream can be viewed here.

The APPG on Drones has submitted evidence to the inquiry in the UK’s parliament role in authorising the use of force.

Reprieve is featured in this article on Trump’s rollback of transparency measures, at the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

CIVIC‘s Dan Mahanty has covered the Pentagon’s latest report on civilian casualties at JustSecurity.

The Oxford Research Group’s Remote Warfare Programma held a great conference on Conceptualising Remote Warfare. At EFAD, we have written a summary of the event focussing on the role of drones.

We have updated our page on Germany.

Drone strikes in Pakistan are followed by a rise in suicide attacks, a new study finds.

Turkey has released details on its new Akinci armed drone.

Our press-reviews of January and February are now online.

We’ve also published interviews with Amnesty International and CIVIC.

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