We have uploaded our latest country profile, Switzerland, bringing the total of profiles up to 27!

A new post on Just Security considers the effectiveness US’ use of drone strikes in Somalia.

The European Parliament passed an amendment to the proposal for a European Defence Fund, proposing that armed drones will not be elligble unless the European Council takes a clear position on how they can be used.

Vladimir Putin, during a Defence Ministry Meeting, mentioned “attack drones that have all the features of medium- and shorter-range missiles” as a way in which the US violates the INF treaty.

In Ukraine, an attack with an armed commercial drone has created its first civilian casualty.

We have published our interview with Drone Wars UK.

At Forum on the Arms Trade, Rachel Stohl has summarized the past year of US developments regarding armed drones, and what steps need to be taken in 2019.

Our article on how to do Freedom of Information Requests can now be found online too.

The Press Review of November, containing summarized and translated drone news stories from across Europe, can now be found online.

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