How have armed drones changed warfare? What are the legal, ethical, and strategic implications of armed drones usage? These questions will be discussed during a conference ‘Armed drones and the new form of warfare’, held tomorrow June 13th from 14:30-18:30 in Hotel Nazionale, Rome. The conference is organized by the Italian Network for Disarmament (Rete Disarmo), Amnesty International, and the International Research Institute Archivo Disarmo (IRIAD).

The first part of the program will consider the portrayal of military drones in the Italian media, as well as the issues surrounding Sigonella air base, complicity, and the use of armed drones. The second half will go into the secret war carried out with armed drones, the need for international regulation on the use of drones, and EU defense related to the use of drones. The conference will end with a debate on these issues with parliamentarians and government officials.

For the full program and list of speakers, please see below.

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